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Alhassan youth city 


        Alhassan Youth City is located at the entrance of Irbid city from the south on a land area of ​​110 acres its facilities sports cost of a unique architectural style of a symbol and a title and look civilized in Ardnna dear and became lead role to serve the youth home and the local community in a remarkable and brighter and effectiveness year after year it which is reflected in the movement of youth sports in the governorate of Irbid, in particular, whether the reception of official matches organized by the sports federations or through workouts Constant for clubs and national teams in Irbid province or by opening their doors for community members to practice various kinds of sports for all in line with the Supreme Council for Youth message of openness and communicate with an estimated number of visitors to the city during the year, whether to watch these matches or training or formal matches for practicing walking more than two million people.