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Jordan's history

Jordan has seen since the dawn of history, leaders urged a human has on its own kingdoms and nations and states prevailed then perished and has been sparked by Khaleda attest to the greatness of the civilizations that flourished at home Jordan is a great museum from the far north to the last spot in the south of the effects of historical places and forts and castles function on a succession of civilizations which have granting Jordan geographical location average and the link between the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe's role culturally and historically important as a way of convoys and commercial transportation routes linking east and west and north-south, and will continue to Jordan conservative on this site and plays this role no matter how successive centuries and Ttault times.

Where Jordan is located

Jordan Middle Eastern Arab country, is bounded on the north and south of Syria and the Middle Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea, and West Jordan River and Palestine, Israel, Iraq to the east, an area of ​​89,342 square kilometers and is located on line 31 north and 36 east.

Hashemite family

   His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein constitutional powers as Monarch of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the seventh of February, 1999 the day on which his father died,  King Hussein, is the late King Hussein Bin Talal father Albany Jordan's modern design has led Jordan ship through choppy sea waves, conflict and unrest continued Jordan despite all the storms and Oasis security Jordanians revere his memory and see it as a factor aware of the climate of social Jordan based on openness and tolerance.  King Hussein was born in Amman on November 14, 1935  and is the eldest son of Prince Talal bin Abdullah and Princess Zein Al Sharaf girl beautiful, educated at Victoria School in Alexandria, Egypt in Harrow academy in Britain and then joined the Faculty of Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in Britain, where he received military sciences. Advocated by the King of Jordan on August 11, 1952 did not yet have reached the legal age, which has necessitated the appointment of the Council on the throne, and when he reached the legal age Sarah ruling king of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the 2 / May / 1953 ..

king Hussein, may God have mercy on him devoted his life and his effort to build Jordan and raise the living standards of the Jordanian citizen level, veered to set up infrastructure, economic and industrial strong basis for the advancement of Jordan in various fields,  factories  spread wide firm of ways to connect parts of the country as if a quick lines and talking and did not leave room only worked on resuscitate him until worthily deserved to be the builder King . king Hussein tremendous efforts throughout the years of his rule (47) for the achievement of peace in the Middle East was a peace agreement between Jordan and Israel, the fruit of those efforts and step on the path laid Hussein, may God have mercy on him the foundations of democracy, justice and public freedoms and human rights, and it was his dream that Jordan be a model for an ideal model for the region surrounding it all . Coupled Hussein Queen Noor in the May 15, 1978 born 2 sons Hamza Hashim and two daughters iman and raya.  Hussein three sons Abdullah , Faisal Ali and five daughters (alya, Zein, Aisha, Haya and Abeer) of three previous marriages .At the end of his days he became Hussein quite a number of grandchildren. Excellence Hussein since childhood as a sports man par excellence was a brilliant pilot and commander of the motorcycle and car driver distinct skillful swimmer, was aired water sports and the game of tennis. Endured with patience and pride of the pain of the disease it remained strong holding until the last moments of his age on the seventh of February, 1999, passed away after a life of accomplishment and greatness and pride lost his Jordan and the world with his departure and one of the leading giants in the last century to achieve a just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East.

King Abdullah II

    His Majesty King Abdullah was born in Amman on the thirtieth of January 1962, the eldest son of His Majesty King Hussein and Her Royal Highness Princess Muna alhussein. he went to the Islamic Scientific College in Amman, and then joined the School of St. Edmund in the (valid) in Britain, where he finished high school, then moved to Aajlbrook School and Deerfield Academy in the United States of America.


In 1980 he joined the King Academy Sandhurst Royal Military Academy in the United Kingdom, and was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant in 1981, then he was appointed commander of the reconnaissance squadron in the battalion 13/18 in forces (Mounted) British property in Germany, and in 1982 he joined the King at the University of Oxford where he completed studies specialized in Middle Eastern affairs, and upon his return he joined the Jordanian armed forces.

Coupled with His Majesty King Abdullah II and Her Majesty Queen Rania on the tenth of June 1993. she born 2 sons Prince Hussein, born on June 28, 1994, and Prince Hashem, born on January 30 2005, and 2 daughters ,Princess Iman was born on September 27, 1996, Princess Salma, born on September 26, 2000. King has four brothers and six sisters.

His Majesty King Abdullah II holds a number of decorations from Arab and foreign countries. He is a qualified frogman, pilot and a free-fall parachute. His other interests include automobile racing, water sports, diving and collecting ancient weapons.

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regime :

system judgment in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, hereditary monarchy unconstitutional, the King is the head of state is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, a protector of the Constitution, and its political system is based on the separation between the executive authorities, represented by the government appointed by the king Vtmars powers through the Council of Ministers of state workers and employees, and the legislature represented by the House of Representatives and the Senate, and who is the legislation and to hold the government and the judiciary is an independent authority characterized by eliminating fair and justice between the citizens and safeguarding their rights.

Information from the website

Irbid is a city in the north of Jordan, is the Irbid province, and is the second largest city after the capital, Amman, Jordan, and her name was old Arabella. Irbid is located about 80 kilometers north of the Jordanian capital, Amman, and has historically been easy to keep track of the rotation area stretching from southern Syria to the north of Jordan. In those many areas of archaeological area mother Qais and Beit Ras and Dion and Pella and surrounded by agricultural fertile plains of northern destinations and East and South, and named after an old Baloqahoan relative to the daisy flower which, as the city is home Yarmouk University and the University of science and technology in addition to the two universities, namely the University of special wall and Irbid National University. The city's population of around one million and adding a number of suburbs and surrounding villages nearly a million and a quarter. The estimated area of ​​the city with its suburbs, 160 kilometers. There in Irbid street where Internet cafes abound, a University Street (Shafiq Irshaidat Street), Irbid cultural capital of Jordan and is there where the library is one of the largest libraries in the Middle East, a Husseiniya library at Yarmouk University. Irbid site in Jordan


I found traces in Irbid dating back to about 5000 BC. Civilizations Aladomih and Ghassanid and South Arab groups, the most important characteristic of Irbid from the rest of the cities historically Tlha Archaeological which human built of rock and stone for thousands of years and Hua exists to Alan witness to the history of Tel Irbid Archaeological and rises some sixty meters, and I found a Greek and Roman and effects Islamic, and grew up in the region Hellenistic cities Romania such as Irbid "the Arabella" and the head of "Capitolias" house, and the fort, "Dion", and Um Qais "Gadara", and Pella "Pella", and Qoalbh "Abello", and Ashrafieh " Al_ashrafyah ". The spread of Christianity since the second and third centuries and centuries Ghassanid have established their own state in northern Jordan in Irbid area and the Golan Heights and the plains of Horan.

Irbid lived with the Edomites and Ammonites countries, and its importance emerged in the Hellenistic era. At the heart of Islam enables the Muslim commander Sharhabeel bin good of annexing the year 13 AH 634 AD, where he dominated the Irbid and the house of the head and Um Qais, also included Abu Obaida Pella, and enables the Khaled Ibn al-Walid in the Battle of Yarmuk overcome the Romans in 636 m / e 15, ending Roman presence there. And in the reign of the Mamluks was affiliated to the behalf of Damascus.

Irbid in many of the shrines of the companions of Mohammed bin Abdullah and many mosques and religious edifices, Sahem Umayyad mosque, and Habras Mamluk mosque, and Irbid mosque Mamluk and Ottoman Saraya known as the old jail.

Some of the topography of the region

Characterized Irbid area Bsaolha lush and abundant valleys, such as Wadi Rayan -u Alaabs-: near deaf, Valley frank, Valley Dalban: near the house of Jaffa, and Jeron Valley: Near Shrine, Death Valley: Near Smoa. And Valley Aghaffr: He is famous among the people of Irbid and is located west of Irbid and the western district of sleepless directly inspired by Turkmens and eastern villages of life in nature and Zhr.

Villages of Irbid

The city of Irbid contain very many villages which is what gave Irbid privileged position between the cities of Alordnah.otad more cities in the world where there is a large number of villages and appreciate the almost five hundred villages, including:

- Qmam - Doukrh -bat Ras -almoghair -mro -tqubl -sal -gma -bhry -abih -hawwarh -aidun -zbdh Farkouh -kfrioba -natefh -bat Jaffa -som -jajin -zhr -jmha -kfr Rahta -alhsn -alenaimh -htna -ktm -ham -asaara -voaara -hor -am Jadayel -mekhem fort -alosfih -nahih Harima -harima -khrja -kheriba -abo Alloks -algosvh -alsila -kfrasd Mode--kheraj, -kfraan -shehador -hova moderation -khrbh guide Monastery Sanh -taibh -sma -mendh -zbdeh moderation -mkhrba -absrabo Ali -almzarachammalah -deryousef -jehver -habka -samad -arahaba -zoubia -nbh -hova Shrine -brahimih (Sras) -azaatarh -kfaragaaz -deroba Said -smoa -zmal -alsoan -jnin Safa -asamt -kfralme -arkam -mreha -gevin -tpinh -acrfait -aboagayn -kfr passengers -bat EADS -agdita -kfr Awan -kfr Abel -tntor -khrbhalhaoa -alrhoh -alrgah -askayen -balh -alnheir -aforeigh -alrvaih -qlaa Sawafi -sma Roussan -am Qais ancient city - Brste - Hatem -hrtha -abla -alrvid -habras -kferssom -shm -abdr -akrba -almikhyh Foqa -almikhyh Tahta -mlka -almansourh - Yarmouk -mazirab -dar Basha -ezrat -sifan -samar -ashh -alrmtha -trh -alzniba -alhjrh -aamrawh -albweidah -alhunh North -aladsah -albakorh -almnchet -jsr Sheikh Hussein -oukas -almstreet -sbarh -kirkmh -krem - Albalawneh -elzimalih -u everybody -mistirh -alschenh -abo Seydou -sal Hamma -abo Bel -alqrn -abo Falah -tbakh stallion -hgejeh -slejat -alvdaan


Is considered the most active agricultural land in Jordan, it produces citrus and olives and grain, as well as the production of honey bees and livestock. Where too many shops there are also making it one of the first cities in all areas. And now it depends only on human resources, particularly the educated class, and say a lot of agricultural activity from a lack of water and urbanization


Characterized Irbid commercial markets on the old style where most of the shops are limited in Palestine Street and Street League and street cinema, lacking clothes and electronics global perfume brands brand but some unofficial agents of the selections are limited fit with modest for most residents of the city and villages of income, see the daytime overcrowding of my shopping because the next villages and shrink with the periods of the evening. And find a number of shops like \ Irbid Mall \ and \ Yarmouk Mall \, most of the shops such as clothing depends on local, Syrian and Chinese goods, and new Voth where shops for international brands such as Adidas, and where there are a number of US restaurants such as restaurants \ Mikdnald \ and Popeyes \ and Btzahat \ and Burger King \ and Rkiorz \ and others, lack of Irbid to the presence of a multinational international hotel but a few mid-level hotels, the central vegetable market and the market for used goods, the market for livestock and other birds.





Known lifestyle where Balrivi exchange with little integration of Bedouin Most of the inhabitants today are from the countryside or their assets, including the sense that it is a big village extended, with the development of services and the Accent (accent) used which is a dialect northern Jordan rural as well as modern dialect of Jordan close to the Palestinian .


Characterized Irbid presence clan including:

Reed Brigade of Irbid and clans Brigade: Althelol and a drunkard and Krizm and Hatamleh and Khurais and Hijazi and Alhraira and Abandah and Aldalghemona and Schutter and Oborgia and Abu Salem and Al-Shara and phrases and Irshaidat and Gizawi and Mardini and Koufahi and Albesol and Bani Hani and BATAINEH and Tbeishat and Abbahin and Attar and Hourani and Canaan, and Alababinh and Ta'ani and Gharaibeh and Alhtnawa and Rawashda and Hammoury and Yard and mourning Khoury and livelihood.

The banner of the good and the families of the brigade Hayajneh and Alawneh and interview and the Goran and Alkhaddarat and Azzam.

Brigade Ramtha and of the families of Major General al-Khatib and Alzubi and Rababaho Aldrabsh and imports and Rawashda and Alveabat and Almkhademh and Khaza'leh and Alepeshabshh and FreeIndex and Alawaqlh and falconer and others.

Brigade Beni Obeid and of the families of Major General Athamna and Nuseirat and Obuaachur and Obodlo surgeon and adversity and endowment and Alabdahih and Khasawneh and Nasser and Al-Hamoud and Hindawi and Hatamleh and Alhiapp and Douiri and Ibrahim and Samadi and Alhtnawa and Amartian and Telfah and Rihani and Nimri and Haddad and Attashman and funk.

Bani Kinanah Department and of the families of Major General slaves and Zoubi and the arguments and Tawalbeh and Malkawi and Odat and Al Rosan, interview and FreeIndex and Adakkamsh.

Brigade Valleys and of the families of Major General Ghazzawi and Bishtawi.

Al Mazar al Shamali, and of the families of Major General Daradkeh surgeon and Sharman and age.

Al Koura and clans Brigade: Shuraidah and Mikdadi a tribal attributed to Sahabi Jalil al-Miqdad ibn Amr and back Bani Hamad and brown back and brown Younis and Bani Yaseen and Bani Omar and brown Rahman and Rababah and Almstrhristi Kadri in Jenin Safa.

The banner of moderation and of the families of Major General Rawashda and Azzam and Almhidat and Omari interview.

Popular food

It is popular dishes in Irbid Governorate: Mansaf and Almkmorh and corresponding Aldjaagel (Alkaaakil) is also famous for frying tomatoes and Almagdrh and share some or all of Jordan Mahaaftat sometimes the same popular dishes.

Sports Clubs

Arabi was the city of Irbid, a small village can figure out what's going on in each of the inhabited indication of their small size and population of the opposite of what it is now and it was her children gather to spend their time after school and work hard, in the only cafe at that time and at that time he met a group of young people who were Ihon music, acting and took fantasies founding club ideas to refine their hobbies to that agreed to establish a club acting and music and that was in 1945 and based in a room in Merzouga Building in cinema Street in 1948 and after obtaining the plight of Palestine have made these young people's novel a play called blazing candles allocated proceeds of Palestinian refugees and offered this play in the city of Amman, Irbid and then any in the same year, these young people met and decided to change the name of the club to the Arab club and because they belonged to their Arabism and elected pharmacist Khalil Aljbasina as the first president of the Arab Club and then moved the club to the Yard building in 1950 and was elected Dr. Radwan al-Hindawi president of the club until 1965 and the club remained in the yard building until 1978 when Irbid Municipality awarded commendable piece of land for the club in the culture medium Shafiq Irshaidat Street Irbid and later known as the University Street

It invested a piece of land has been set up an interview for the club's headquarters, as well as shops and stores commercial payback was in support of the march of the Arab club.

It sports clubs

 Hussein Irbid Club

Arab Club complex