Alhassan youth city Higher council of youth
Alhassan Youth City Club

Alhassan Youth City Club:

         It was established in 1991 and it  is registered and licensed in the Supreme Council for Youth and can no affiliation with Jordanian citizen can benefit from its services.

Alhassan youth city club Vision:

      Excellence in providing service to members and visitors of the club and the community sports federations and to contribute to  supportAlhassanyouth city to achieve its goals.

The Mission :

        To improve the services provided to club members and visitors and provide a suitable environment for them to exercise their activities in a secure environment and contribute to the support of the city to enable its performance in the youth service and sports federations, clubs and all sectors of the local community and contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of facilities and equipment the city and providing them with human cadres necessary and reduce the burden on its budget.


The Club Goals:

      - Draw policies, plans and programs that will achieve the club's goals and policies of the Supreme Council for Youth seeks to achieve .

      - encourage membership in the club and provide outstanding service to members and to  provide a safe environment for them.      

       - cultural, social, sports and volunteer program design and implementation service to club members and the community.

      - Work on facilities investment earmarked for the club and the maintenance and development of the club and increase resources to enable it to achieve its objectives and installations.


     - Contribute to the support and development of sports movement by forming sports teams for individual games and join unions concerned.